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Posted at — Oct 18, 2019

For somebody who grew up using computers to the point that it became a career, my online footprint has been quite minimal, to the point of non-existent. It has mostly been my intent to have it this way due to my sometimes dogmatic insistence that most forms of social media used today do not provide any personal benefit. My intent here will not be to draw parallels to Facebook walls or Instagram feeds, rather, my intent can be categorised nicely into three parts:

To externalise and examine

Despite being in the fortunate circumstance of having the freedom of expression, it came to me as quite a surprise when I realised that I have not authored any pieces of introspection on any topic. Of course, there exists an array of notes as the result of personal studies – but not a single piece was of my thoughts. I can tell you exactly what Socrates said during his trial, the political circumstances surrounding China in World War 2, or perhaps the various positions held around the development of Artificial Intelligence – but I have not authored my thoughts on these topics. I am not proposing that I deserve to be heard, rather, I simply aim to have a position, be wrong about it, and if I’m lucky grow as a person.

To have an avenue to practice writing (..and reading)

I believe by writing about the things I read, I will not only become a better writer but also become a better reader. By explicitly tasking myself with writing about what I read, I hope I can naturally read things more critically. As with most skills, practice makes perfect.

Maintain a log of my academic achievements and self-development

To the surprise of most, due to the circumstances of my youth I was never able to complete High School, however, I have fortunately been blessed with an active internet connection and a strong sense of curiosity. The vast majority of things I know have been the result of self-study and I simply aim to begin documenting it. Partially to avoid things like Imposter Syndrome1, partially to provide a bit of self-confidence and perhaps not be gawked at by those who believe my lack of a formal degree unequivocally means I’m an idiot.

To summarise, I aim to write posts here mostly, if not completely, for my own introspective benefit. If you have thoughts on any of the topics I write about – my email is in the header.